NPSSM was previously known as TSSM (Teesside School.... ) hence the title of the video below.

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"If you are keen to dig deeper into God's Word, grow in your identity as God's child, and be challenged to step out in faith to see God work, then TSSM may be for you! I have loved being part of a community so passionate about Jesus, alongside hearing the practical teachings from Bethel and having accountability in studying the Bible and reading life changing books over the past year. I would recommend it to anyone who is dissatisfied in 'going through the Christian motions' and feels there must be more..." – Ruth

"TSSM has rewired my brain! It has made me think about what I believe, has cemented my faith more solidly and helped me develop my relationship with Jesus. The bunch of crazy people that I meet with every week have become friends. I have learned to be more bold, to trust my BIG Father God and to believe that I CAN hear Him and He CAN do amazing things through little me. I'm looking forward to continuing the adventure in year two!" - Holly

"TSSM has been and continues to be simply incredible!  Since enrolling in the school, I've had the absolute pleasure of doing life with such an amazing group of people who are so hungry to encounter all that our awesome God promises.  Spending time together each week is such an encouragement and I never fail to come away from each session completely inspired.  The teaching is fantastic and sessions provide a variety of activities to inspire, engage and challenge you.  I have simply grown massively since the school began and I would certainly encourage anyone considering enrolling to dive straight in and join the adventure!" – Dave

"I have loved coming to TSSM as I have learnt so much about myself. I am discovering a new depth to my faith and a realisation of what a relationship with our Father actually means. It's been like taking a step off of the rollercoaster to just stop, listen, learn and then choose where I get back on. I have developed a thirst for knowledge and after not being able to finish a book for years have read so much and feel so whole. I have met amazing and inspiring people. Have felt the Holy Spirit in ways I could never imagined. And most importantly seen change happen in my life. I can see things with different lens; I am stronger, bolder, more joyful, more secure and been overcome with love for my family which is huge and life giving not just for me but those around me... And this is only the start!! Thank you Father for this amazing team." - Karen

"Being part of TSSM has completely changed my understanding of God, of how much He loves me, and of how much He can do through me. It's been an incredibly exciting experience and one that I would recommend to anyone who wants a deeper relationship with Jesus, and who wants to be part of bringing heaven to earth - to see Father working supernaturally through us to bring healing, hope and restoration. Amazing!” – Jenny

"TSSM has not only equipped me with the correct tools and boldness to step out in Faith. But it has delved deep down into my heart restoring the cracked foundations I never knew I had allowing me to strengthen the relationship with my father in a more deep and meaningful way.enabling me to become and walk in my true identity in Christ. I would highly recommend TSSM to anyone!" – Mikey

"TSSM has been an incredible experience and personally I feel like I have grown in faith and in boldness. I have a new found confidence and that is down to the fact that I know I am loved unconditionally and that it is ok to be me. The teaching, the Bible study, the  choice of books, the TSSM family and our journey has been incredible. I feel closer to Jesus and all I want is to go deeper and find out more about Him." – Lily

Tssm has helped me grow in my sense of identity and my confidence in who God has made me to be. There is usually a lot going on but almost every week I come away with what I tend to think of as my 'treasure' for that week and these 'treasures' are causing me to grow.

"My very favourite teaching is from Judy Franklin, (former assistant to Bill Johnson). I loved the week we listened to her teaching and activated what she says to do. Hearing and understanding that Holy Spirit does actually take us into heavenly realms has given me permission to pursue this and it's become really helpful and valuable in my times with God. What I received that evening is now teaching me fresh stuff every week." – Deborah

"TSSM has really challenged me. I am learning lots and unlearning lots too. I'm loving  the teaching and being a part of something that stretches me and pushes me more into God. I love the fact that the course helps me to understand that the base line is love, and if we love people, the rest follows slightly easier!

The outreach has challenged me to take God outside to people, which is still a challenge, but I am seeking more boldness

This course isn't just a 9 month training, it's a life long learning and through this I am  leaning into God and hearing him speak to me. I'm hoping that the next step will be my confidence will grow and I will open my mouth!

 I know who I am in him; a princess with a completely different mindset. I started this course wanting to grow and be changed which in turn will have an impact on others, and I believe that it's happening!

Give it a go. You won't be disappointed! if your looking for an easy life than this course isn't for you. If you want to grow and be challenged…GO FOR IT!!!!" – Karen D

"My year at TSSM has been a year where I have been able to grow in who I am and who's I am in Christ. I have found it a safe place to practise the gifts of the Holy Spirit which then gave me the confidence to take God's love out so others can encounter the love of Jesus. The books are a good source of enlightenment and experience from those who have been walking with Jesus for some time. It's cool to be able to pass them on to freinds and family. The recommendation of a Sozo was taken up and I have passed that recommendation on to others in my church." – Audrey

"Being part of an awesome family of believers, a group of people who have a passion for Jesus and for His Kingdom, who love, honour, encourage and respect one another. Through fresh, new encounters with Him and through teaching, I am growing in the Truth and have a much greater understanding of the authority I carry in the Holy Spirit to bring about change. At the start of the TSSM course, I had experienced so much pain over the preceding ten year period which I was struggling to deal with & which I didn't have a plan for, that I had disconnected myself from part of my heart. For a very long time I had been trying to carry on, hoping that time would heal it. As the course progressed and I began to go deeper into my relationship with Jesus, I soon became aware that this couldn't be further from the truth. I started to acknowledge and to mourn my pain, to steward every painful thought. I am going through the healing process and in time I will be whole again. Throughout this process I have gained strength and confidence in expressing my faith even more. Increasingly, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to share the love of Jesus boldly and to advance His Kingdom. A truly transformational experience." – Christine